Welcome to the Tech Competition Simulation!
Business Analytics DLC

the story

Welcome to the Tech Competition Simulation with Business Analytics DLC

A competitive high-tech market

You are recently appointed to the new executive team composed of a Chief Production Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer. As a new executive trio, your mission is to grow your business. You evolve in a competitive high-tech market.

Your company manufactures and sells AMD and Intel based-computers. For each year, you must choose the number of AMD or Intel chips you want to purchase. Each chip makes it possible to manufacture and thus sell a computer. You can also decide if you want to advertise your AMD and/or Intel based-computers. Keep in mind that Intel has a partnership program where they cover 50% of the advertising costs. Intel demands to have a jingle “Intel Inside” for multimedia-based ads, as well as having a brochure in every new computer box bought by a customer.

Since your company and your competitors are not listed on the stock exchange, it is impossible to know the strategy of other companies. Be careful not to have a negative cash flow at the end of the year, this leads to bankruptcy and layoffs by the board.

As a new C-suite level team in a digital era, you must demonstrate your analytical skills. You will face challenges that can earn you points and lead you to the top of the scoreboard!

Will you opt for a risky strategy in order to obtain the maximum market share at the risk of losing everything or will you be careful to keep your business going?

simulation roles

Bring your company to the top.

the Board

Chief Production Officer

As head of production, you are responsible for the production of the computers. You know by heart the different costs of your two production lines AMD and Intel.

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, you are responsible for the financial health of your company. You're the one who knows when it's the right time to invest.

Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, you are responsible for your company's marketing campaigns. You master all the marketing tricks, you know the recipe for a successful advertising campaign. Intel has a partnership program where they cover 50% of the advertising costs.

game timeline

These are the steps that will be played

Stage 1

30 minutes


Present the simulation to your students

Explain the rules they need to follow and their objectives

Role information and mini courses are accessible throughout the simulation's site

Stage 2

1 to 1.5 hours

The Simulation

Let the markets open!

during this time the teams will be left on their

own and playing through the simulation

Stage 3

45 minutes

Debrief and Conclusion

Conclude the simulation

talk with your students about what they learned while

being left in this real-world market simulation

Analytics concepts

Explore useful analytics concepts for the simulation with an R/tidyverse approach

Data Types and Structures

Explore data types and structures in R. A tidyverse approach

Distribution Analysis

Concepts of Exploratory Data Analysis in Data Science

Inferential Statistics

Learn how to standardize data and concept of confidence intervals

Linear Regressions Interpretation

Learn to interpret and assessing a linear regression model

Time-series cross-section model

Concepts of TSCS model and fixed effects

Model Comparison

Learn how to compare and choose the best model

Logistic Regression

The basics of logistic regression, inference and goodness of fit

Ordinal and Multinomial Logistic Regression

Explore concepts of ordinal and multinomial logistric regression

Unsupervised Learning

Introduction to unsupervised learning with PCA and KNN

microeconomics concepts

Familiarize yourself with the concepts useful for simulation.

launch simulation

once you are ready, type in you access code below!