We are quantum simulations,
the data science-based games creator.

About Quantum Simulations
We develop simulations to enhance the learning of data science. We believe that data science is a required set of skills for any discipline, and in particular for the study of economics and management.

Our simulations provide an immersive experience that places participants right in the mix of realistic business scenarios. The simulations help convey knowledge through skills.

We help participants move from being a passive learner to an active learner.
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Professor of Data Science for Global Transformations at HEC Montreal and Principal Investigator of the Open Data Lab at CIRANO (Canada), Thierry held positions in several academic institutions (Middlebury College, Polytechnique Montreal, Sun Yat Sen University Guangzhou, HEC Paris, UIBE Beijing). His research is mainly on global transformations and challenges. His methodology of choice is Data Science, with a particular focus on high-power computing-based machine learning techniques and Bayesian statistics.
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Thibault Senegas
Product Manager

Thibault is Product Manager at Quantum Simulations. He is in charge of the simulations lifecycle, from design through development to commercialization.

Thibault is an experienced data scientist who uses his skills to deploy simulations for education and professional training.
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Hugo Warin
System Architect

Software Engineer Candidate at Polytechnique Montreal, Hugo is in charge of making every server runs smoothly.

Hugo is avid programmer and has coded a couple of bots to help him in his task, and save some time to play some of our simulations!